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EVO Cookie Karma - 60ml

EVO Cookie Karma - 60ml* By Halo E-luquidsEnlighten your taste buds with this gourmet cookies and cr..

EVO Cryptic Blast - 60ml

EVO Cryptic Blast - 60ml* By Halo E-luquidsEvery now and again, you experience an e-liquid too good ..

EVO Purple Tundra - 60ml

EVO Purple Tundra - 60ml* By Halo E-luquidsExperience an avalanche of intense icy-mint flavor that r..

EVO Spearmint - 60ml

EVO Spearmint - 60ml* By Halo E-luquidsLike every eVo variety, Spearmint’s flavor is so wild and unt..

Halo Kringles Curse - 50ml

Halo Kringles Curse - 50ml A dynamic blend of peppermint e-liquid crafted to perfection, Kringl..

Halo Subzero - 50ml

Halo Subzero - 50mlAn e-liquid that exhibits an intense, cool mint effect more powerful than any of ..

Halo Tribeca - 50ml

Halo Tribeca - 50mlA renowned e-liquid that stands alone among all others, Tribeca has set the indus..

Halo Turkish Tobacco - 50ml

Halo Turkish Tobacco - 50mlOur Turkish Tobacco E-liquid blend offers an excellent combination of sun..

Halo Black Diamond - 50ml

Halo White Series Black Diamond - 50mlMild Turkish tobacco flavors with a rare, distinct taste, and ..

Halo Frostbite - 50ml

Halo White Series Frostbite  - 50mlBrace yourself for a satisfying sting. Frostbite offers..

Halo Krypton - 50ml

Halo White Series Krypton - 50mlWield super menthol strength in each vape! Krypton’s robust blend is..

Halo Whisper - 50ml

Halo White Series Whisper- 50mlThe flavors of sweet tobacco, dried plums, and a touch of caramel...