KN95 Safety Mask ( 25 Pcs / Box )  _ K1016

KN95 Safety Mask (Non - Medical)

GB2626-2006 KN95 standard mask


1. This product is used for protection against PM2.5, flour, pollen, cleaning, textile, physical grinding, woodworking, construction site, physical crushing and other non-oily particles.

2. This product is not suitable for the environment where oxygen concentration is lower than 19.5%. In toxic gas, harmful vapor, oil mist environment. Radioactive material pollution area, dioxin emission risk area.

3. Storage requirements: store in a ventilated, dark, dry environment, away from fire and pollution. The storage temperature is -20°C -38°C, and the storage temperature is less than 80%. The storage period is unopened for 5 years from the production date.

4. Precautions: do not remove and wash the mask to avoid damaging the filter material. When the mask is in close contact with the face, the protective effect will be affected. If you feel significantly suffocated, leave the work area immediately and change your mask.

5-layer Filtration Design

This KN95 face masks are vacuum sterilized, their non-woven fabrics provide additional protection and insulation.

It can filter particles in the air very effectively.

KN95 Safety Mask ( 25 Pcs / Box ) _ K1016

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  • Product Code: K1016

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