Ice-Silk Washable Mask  [ 1 pc ] _ M1001

Ice-silk Washable Mask

** Filter not included **

  • Feels COOL on your skin. Perfect for summer wear.   (Made with a unique “In-Gyun” Korean Material)
  • 2- layered FILTER POCKET MASK
  • Absorbs inner moisture built up fast and dries fast. (Making it highly breathable compare to cotton masks)
  • Contains Inner pocket with slide openings from both side for easy filter insertion.
  • Equipped with an “in-Gyun” adjustable ear loop designed to be soft.
  • Washable soft and light material
  • 3D ergonomic one-size-fits-all design fits most people

About our “In-Gyun” Fabric

Our Ice-silk Washable Mask  is made in Korea with a special “In-Gyun” fabric, sourced from the ”Pume-gi” region.  In Europe, “In-Gyun” is often called “Viscose.” In-Gyun is made with thin threads formed from the pulp of natural wood.  With similar properties to silk, In-Gyun is soft, breathable, and cool on the skin. 
In-Gyun is a light, silky material with amazing sweat-wicking properties, allowing it to be soft on the skin while staying breathable and dry. Often used for blankets, innerwear, and loungewear, In-Gyun is one of the most widely used summer fabrics and will not stick to your skin when things get sweaty. Our in-Gyun Ice-Silk masks are perfect for the summer heat. 
We source our “In-Gyun” material from a specific region in Korea named “Pume-gi”.  Pume-gi is known for producing the highest quality In-Gyun in the world. Tested and approved by the FITI Testing & Research Institute, In-Gyun is a safe material free from allergens and hazardous substances.

Ice-Silk Washable Mask [ 1 pc ] _ M1001

  • Brand: Mask
  • Product Code: M1001

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